Mechanics You Can Trust

Eitel Automotive Performance, in Roanoke Virginia, performs fast and affordable auto repair and performance upgrades. We can perform minor or major repairs and can even come to you! If you are ever broken down on the side of the road, we can come right out and get you up and running again.

We can take care of oil changes, transmissions, clutch replacements, ball joints, axles, engine repair, suspension, brakes and more. Get your car ready for inspection, or simply save money bringing your car to us if you need a part replaced to pass. Aftermarket parts and modifications available upon request. Can install lift kits, turbochargers, superchargers, exhaust, intakes and more.

Eitel Automotive Performance works on all domestics and imports including Honda, Acura, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. We also work on Datsun Z cars.

Now offering rust prevention packages.

Call, text or email to ask for specific pricing or schedule an appointment.


Eitel Automotive Repair Roanoke

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  1. Need a diagnostic if possible. 94 Accord ex. Something us draining the battery, and it has coolant system issues possibly head and/or intake gaskets.

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